FAQ and safety questions

Is it safe to drive scooter in Mexico city?

Yes, its safe!

If you have driving experince of scooter in any other part of the world, here you can drive without problem!

There are a few tips how to make your ride in Mexico City comfortable:

First - always wear helmet!

(now tickets for driving without helmet - 2000 pesos (130$))

Second - avoid highways (autopista). 

Change setting in your navigation to avoid highways, even in the city. 

Maybe it will take more time to drive to your destination, but will make your ride more comfortable.

Third - have extra distace with others

Extra space always is good idea

Fourth - dont drive on bicicle an bus lanes 

Because cameras will take a pictire and will send a ticket!

In conclusion, driving in Mexico City is not stressful or dangerous, there are literally thousands of other motorcycles on the road and everyone is trying to be careful, so you just have to be careful too!

So don't be afraid to rent a scooter in Mexico City, it's fun and convenient!

What i need to rent scooter or motorcycle in Mexico City?

Valid Driver’s License for car (B) 

Valid Motorcycle Driver’s License (A) 

For Maxi Scooters 27 years of age or older

For Motorcycles 25 years of age or older

7000peso or 400USD for Basic Insurance

5000 peso or 270USD for Standart Insurance

3000 peso or 150USD for Full Insurance

14000peso or 800USD for Basic Insurance

10000 peso or 540USD for Standart Insurance

7000 peso or 450USD for Full Insurance

paid with debit/credit card or Bitcoin

(in exceptional situation with cash)

Security deposit will be returned when you return scooter and motorcycle

Can park and left scooters on the street?

Yes, you can!

Its not a problem to park and left our scooters on the streets, we will show how to do it properly!

Just locj it and you are free, also our scooters have GPS system for security.

Scooters have insurance?

Yes, they have!

Check the page with insurance options, Basic insurance already included in price!

Can i drive alone on the scooter?

Yes, no problems!

If you dont wanna drive alone, take our tour with a guide on scooters around Mexico City!

Can i go to pyramides on scooter?

Yes, you can, its 1.5 hour drive, but no problems!

For this we give only Honda Cruising and Suzuki Burgman scooters, on which you can make this way with comfort!

7 reasons to choose scooters for rent in CDMX!

if the tank is empty - 3 minutes at the gas station and you're on the road again

and will not waste time in traffic jams

and you dont need pay for parking like all cars

105 miles on gallon or 2 l/100km

in the city you really dont need more


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