Our Premium Quality Scooters 

avalible for subscription

Only New and normal-size models

How works:

Why you need it:

or month rent

What included:

(it can be any days and any duration*)

Other conditions:

days not count and you still have you 10 days

 which returned to you in the end of you month or when you want to finish subsription

or start from you if you need and pay for delivery to you


For mopeds and scooters 

per month

Taxes (IVA) + Insurance included

For motorcycles

per month

Taxes (IVA) + Insurance included

We accept:

And we give 5% discounts for cash payments


Best way to drive around and explore the city 

No more worries about traffic and complex parking

No hidden commissions or extra fees

you can rent with price what you can see,

if you need extra options you can always modify your order

Basic insurance already included in price

it covers theft and part of damages, 

but you can always upgrade your insurance type

Requirements for rent a scooter:

*In exceptional situations it can be in cash