Tour Motorcycles around Mexico City

Take our

Motorcycles Sightseeing 

Private Tour - 

Discover Mexico

Be a passenger with a guide

up  to 2 persons on 1 motorcycle 

9 hours guided tour

Hosted in English

"3 volcanoes" 

(other routes after request)


Circle road around Volcanoe Ajusco on 3500m(10500ft) elevation road

Old city Tepoztlan

Morelos State

Sunset with a view on  volcanoes




180 km (110mi)

Total time: 

9-11 hours


If you want to explore Mexico in the most unique way, then this Motorcycle Tour for you!

Depending on your driving experience, you can choose the best way to make a tour: 

-Be my Passenger and I will drive us safely through the city with my 7 years motorcycle driving experience or 

-You can be Driver on second motorcycle.

In Tour we will:

-Visit volcano Ajusco on 3200 meters (10500ft) 

-Visit old and beatiful town Tepoztlan in the mountains

-Meet sunset with volcanoes views

All this places are very unique.

New experience and emotions guaranteed!

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